The Global Affairs Review has grown from the joint Masters in Global Affairs program between Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain) and the University of Prince Edward Island (Canada). The primary objective of this journal is to provide students, academics, and working professionals with a platform to share their ideas related to pertinent issues within global affairs.


Mikaela Broscoe - MGA Candidate (UPEI/URJC)

Terrisa Lynch - MGA Candidate (UPEI/URJC)


Terrisa was born in the small town of Miramichi, NB, Canada, and moved to Prince Edward Island to take her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with minors in Political Science and Biology (2019). She worked for a year with the NB provincial government as a Community Coordinator for Health Zone 7, before returning to school for her Masters in Global Affairs. Terrisa's interests lie in social and economic policy, the provision of basic needs and equal opportunities, and the institutional strengthening needed to make the world a better place for all.

Sandrine Nkunzimana - MGA Candidate (UPEI/URJC) 

Arctic Youth Network: Collaborative Editorial Team

Angelina Giodano

Kelsey Schober


Christian E. Rieck

      Assistant Professor for German Foreign and Development Policy at the Chair of War Studies at the           University of Postdam, Germany

       Academic Coordinator for its War and Conflict Studies programs

Doreley C. Coll

      Professor. Modern Languages at University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

        Coordinator of the Master in Global Affairs North America

        Lead Faculty Investigator Team WEKIMUN, Chiloé, Chile

Javier Esguevillas Ruiz

     Director of the Master in Global Affairs, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos III, Spain

      Professor of International Public Law and International Relations at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos III

      Adjunct Professor at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Daniel Gayo

     Director of the Sustainability Program, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos III

      Professor of Applied Economics, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos III, Spain

Samuel Jardine

      Fellow on the Arctic Institute's 2021 Geopolitical Program. 

      Research Director at London Politica 

      He holds an MA in Modern History from King's College London with a BA (Honours) History from the

      Open University

Arabella Franz

      Fellow on the Arctic Institute's 2021 Geopolitical Program

      Arabella recently graduated with a Master of Science in Geography from Rheinische-Friedrich-

      Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (University of Bonn), Germany

      Her main interests lie in Political Geography, Post-colonialism and Marine Political Ecology

Dave Palmer

      Masters in Public Administration

      Strategist and long-range planner with over 18 years of experience in National Security, with a focus        on strategic defensive operations in the Northern high-latitudes