Japan-NATO: Where do the relations stand?

Ahmet Cenk SARI

Citation: Ahmet Cenk SARI, ​Japan-NATO: Where do the Relations Stand?​, Global Affairs Review, No. 1,  Vol. 1, Fall/Winter 2020.

doi: 10.51330/gar.002011

ISSN: 2660-6968

date: December 15, 2020


Why is Japan vital to NATO? Transatlantic relations are currently being challenged by Moscow's aggression and the rise of China in Asia. Furthermore, the difference in the security concerns between Europe and the US creates a dangerous situation. This article will examine the potential mutual benefits and pitfalls of a closer relationship between Japan and NATO, and the reasons behind the existing relationship. The article seeks to do this by exploring the relations' background and finishing with the possible solutions to enhance the ties between Japan and NATO.