Main Submission Guidelines:

- Academic Style Article

- Language: English

- 2500-5000 words (excluding citations and bibliography)

    - Please include a short abstract (this does not count towards the word count)

- Original Publications

    - Please indicate if this article has been submitted to any other organizations/institutions for publication.

- The Global Affairs Review will not accept any form of plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected the article will       automatically be discarded.

- Please provide a 100-150 word mini biography in the body of the email submission. Please include your        name, title (if applicable), field of study/expertise, organization, and any other information you would like

  to include.

- Please submit articles to: with the subject line: Submission Fall/Winter 2021


Detailed Submission Guidelines:

- Please submit both a PDF and a .doc or .docx version of the article.

- 12 pt. font Time New Roman 

- Double Spaced

- 17th Edition Chicago Manual of Style formatting and citations (Notes/Bibliography style)

- We encourage the use of headings and sub headings to help structure your paper.

Language Requirements:

- English (consistency is key as it regards American vs. Canadian vs. British English).

- When using acronyms, please be consistent: U.S or US, U.N. or UN. 

Next Submission Deadline:
June 15th, 2022 @ 11:59 pm AST